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We grow nearly 300 varieties of Herbs. Our catalogue is available for download here or you can view it online by clicking the image

Our Standard range comes in 4' (10cm) pots and if conditions are suitable, they can be planted directly into their final positions. They are grown in a soil based compost under the most natural conditions possible with no artificial light and only enough heat so they don't freeze in the tunnels. This range is available online or from the nurseryHerb Plants

Availability: If coming to the nursery, please don't necessarily refer to our online shop. Varieties in short supply are not always marked as available online but are reserved for nursery sales only.

Download our Catalogue, view an online copy by clicking the image above, view our online shop or see here for our list
To receive a paper catalogue, please contact us

Click Image to see a series of herb pictures

Our Plug range is available from Spring through to Summer. Plugs are small starter plants that are grown in cell trays. If you would like to grow your own plants, plugs are an ideal way to avoid the headache of seed germination or cutting propagation. If you would like a large quantity of plugs i.e Chamomile, please view this page. This range is available online or from the nursery

Availability: February to July only but can often be propagated to order outside of these times. Plug plants are continuously pricked out and grown on for our standard range. Therefore, please refer to the plug availability list before coming

Large Herbs
Our Larger Pot Herb range is for gardeners who want that instant effect. These are available in a 1, 1.5, 2 or even 3 litre pot or grown to order. This range is only available from the nursery

Availability: We usually have larger plants in stock but if you are visiting us especially for larger plants, please contact us first.

General Comments:
We can grow to order, any of our plants in any of our ranges. Discounts are given for bulk orders and bespoke garden planning can be carried out* and is free for orders over £100.

*Time schedule applies


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