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If you would like us to identify a particular herb growing in your garden or in the wild, why not email a picture for us to identify.

It may help to put something next to the plant for scale (ruler/car keys/mobile phone) Also give details on scent, flowers and growing conditions/locale

N.B. A Genus can have many species and sub species that are very similar (e.g. the Genus: Lavandula). We can't always guarantee an identification. We will be able to tell if a Lavender is from the angustifolia species or the intermedia species but it is sometimes difficult to be certain within the sub species i.e. between Munstead and Dwarf Blue (both angustifolia). Soil types and other growing conditions can often effect height and scent, for instance and the flower colour can be slightly different.

Other herbs, for example, Mint or Marjoram can eventually hybridize naturally in a garden situation and can no longer be identified as a 'named' variety. This is what makes gardening such fun - and sometimes the end result is better than the original!



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