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Terracotta Information

Our traditional  range of Terracotta is hand-thrown from strong, Staffordshire clay by our cousin in Northumberland (

Why do we stock these pots:

Terracotta pots are an attractive way of embellishing a garden or to provide a low maintenance 'garden' in themselves. They are also useful for bringing culinary herbs closer to the kitchen or barbecue and scented herbs closer to the home. Because they last for years, they are a relatively inexpensive addition to any property.
Yes, we may be biased supplying pots that our cousin has made but in truth they are beautiful and the strongest we have ever come across. Strawberry pots have lips to catch the water so there is no need to plant them with a perforated pipe!, Rhubarb forcers are a very elegant and even the simple long toms or plain pots provide a strong alternative to thin foreign clay pots.

We are often asked about frost resistance:

Unfortunately, (whatever some people might say!) true terracotta cannot be guaranteed to be 100% frost proof due to the natural porous properties of all natural terracotta. Providing you follow some simple rules, you can be assured that your pots can be classed as 99% frost proof and will last for many years to come . Simple rules are:

  • Brush snow from fine edges. (lips of strawberry pots)
  • Keep pots away from pools of water that could freeze (consider propping them up on bricks in the winter)
  • Cover or move to a sheltered position during extreme cold weather


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