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We can fill any of our Terracotta pots. They make ideal Birthday, Christmas, or Wedding presents or why not treat yourself. The pots are wondefully stong and the holed pots have lips so catch the water (no need for that perforated hose!)

The pots are only available from the nursery or at one of the shows we attend. If you would like a filled herb pot and you live a long way from the nursery, why not buy the terracotta from our cousin here and buy the plants from us. You can follow our instructions to plant.

12 Holed Strawberry Pot

13 Holed Strawberry Pot = £57 (filled)

Example 1 (Decorative)
Purple Flowered French Lavender (top), Bronze Bugle (x2), Thyme Hartington Silver (x2), Maiden Pink (x2), Variegated Calamint (x2), Oregano Country Cream (x2) and Thyme Creeping Lemon (x2)

Example 2 (Golden Culinary)
Golden Sage (top), Thme Archers Gold (x2), Wild Strawberry (x2) Oregano Country Cream (x2), Prostrate Rosemary (x2), Golden marjoram (x2) and Thyme Variegated Lemon (x2)

see empty pot here

9 Holed Strawberry Pot

9 Holed Strawberry Pot = £40 (filled)

Example 1 (Decorative Thymes)
Creeping Lemon (Top), Hartington Silver, Pink Chintz, Creeping Red, Goldstream, Snowdrift. Not Pictured = Caraway, Doone Valley and Russetings

Example 2 (Decorative - Wedding Gift)
Pink French Lavender (Top), Silver Queen Thyme (x2), Thyme Pink Chintz (x2), Dwarf Curry Plant (x2) and Cheddar Pink (x2).

Example 3 (Culinary)
Chives (Top), Thyme Creeping Lemon (x2), Prostrate Rosemary (x2), Alpine Strawberry (x2) and Compact Marjoram (x2)

see empty pot here

5 Holed Frilled Pot

5 Holed Pie Crust Pot
= £24 (filled)

Example 1 (Culinary)
Morroccan Mint (Top), Garden/Common Thyme (x2) and Compact Marjoram (x2)

Example 2 Culinary
Common Compact Thyme (Top), Prostrate Rosemary (x2) and Creeping Savory (x2)

Example 3 (Decorative)
Rock Hyssop (Top), Golden Marjoram (x2) and Thyme Creeping Lemon (x2)

Example 4 (Decorative)
Pink French Lavender (Top), oregano Country Cream (x2) and Thyme Pink Chintz (x2)

see empty pot here

Thyme Pot 9 Holed Thyme Pot = = £27 (filled)

Example 1
Pink Chintz (Top), Camphor, Carol Ann, Hartington Silver, Doone Valley and Russetings, Not in photo - Variegated Lemon, Goldstream and Lilac

Example 2
Goldstream (Top), Pink Chintz, Creeping Red, Silver Queen, Doone Valley and Albus, Not in photo - Russetings, Hartington Silver and Lilac

see empty pot here

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